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28th January, 2019

We are proud to announce we have been appointed as an official distributor for TapeTech Automatic Taping Tools in Ireland.

TapeTech has been the number one selling brand of automatic taping and finishing tools for the drywall industry for over 30 years and is fantastic addition to the already extensive range of Plastering and Drylining tools at Ramboo Tools.

Drywall finishing professionals around the world trust that TapeTech tools are the most dependable and easiest to maintain automatic taping and finishing tools available, helping drywall finishers produce the highest quality finishes in less time and with less effort.

Keep an eye out for more information, prices and offers which will be listed on our website soon.

Here’s information on some of the popular Tape Tech tools we will be supplying.

07TT EasyClean® automatic taper (bazooka)TapeTech 07TT EasyClean® automatic taper (bazooka)

TapeTech 07TT EasyClean® Taper is the most advanced and enhanced drywall taping tool offered by TapeTech. EasyClean® lid releases with a quick turn of the single attachment screw, and makes clean-up and cable changes easier than ever. You can expect great TapeTech quality from the rest of the drywall gun as well!

EASY GRIP CONTROL TUBE. The control tube has been lengthened 2.5" and glide wheels added to make tape cuts easier and more comfortable. The glide wheels are recessed into flanges at each end of the control tube, and act as stops for your hands - requiring much less grip-force to operate the cutter.

QUICK-CHANGE TAPE BAIL locks into place, making it easy to change tape rolls without having to put the taper down. Best of all, there are no loose parts to misplace or re-install. To change tape rolls, grasp the tape retainer wire near the end of the spool post and depress it down and out through the retainer slot. Swing the retainer wire up and out of the way, change tape rolls, sliding the new roll fully onto the spool post. Swing the retainer wire back down, and guide it into the retainer slot. It’s that simple!

NO HASSLE CABLE CHANGES. The plunger stop has been improved to simplify cable changes. The metal and exposed screw heads have been replaced with a smooth, rounded, plastic plunger stop that is easy to remove and re-install. To remove the plunger stop, lift the locking tab and twist the stop ¼ turn TapeTech 07TT EasyClean® automatic taper (bazooka)counterclockwise. After twisting, pull the stop off the taper and complete the cable change following the normal procedure (see Cable Replacement). To re-install, align the guide tabs to the slots and slide the stop into the taper end, twisting ¼ turn clockwise. Continue twisting until the tab snaps into place, locking the assembly together. If oriented correctly, very little force should be required to install the stop. Changing a cable has never been easier!

NOW WITH ADJUSTABLE BRAKING SYSTEM! This new feature allows you to adjust the braking system for your personal preference. Now you have the control over the brake. It also can be adjusted tighter or looser to account for wear on your taper.

14TT MudRunner®, (for inside corners)

MudRunner™ is a self contained "no push" angle applicator that harnesses a gas charged shock absorber to squeeze out compound with a turn of the wrist.TapeTech 14TT MudRunner®, (for inside corners)

The MudRunner is the easiest angle box or corner applicator that you will ever use. Because you don't have to expend effort squeezing out compound by forcing the tool into the corner - Your Angle Head Runs Better! Users of virtually any skill level can make perfect finished corners - Faster & Easier!


  • Can be used with any inside or outside corner finisher
  • Holds 50% more than the largest angle box
  • Thicker mud applies effortlessly
  • Clear tube lets you visibly maintain mud level
  • Better coverage with less shrinkage
  • Works well with tape-on corner bead heads
  • Stops the wear-and-tear on your shoulders without being hooked to an air supply
  • Requires a Pump/Filler to fill
  • Requires an applicator head to apply/finish


76TT EasyClean® Loading Pump

Fills automatic drywall tools with joint compound through optional Gooseneck and Box Filler Fitting. The TapeTech Taping Tools Pump works with all major brand attachments and automatic taping and finishing tools.

New FeaturesTapeTech 76TT EasyClean® Loading Pump

  • Easy Clean® quick release foot valve has a twist-lock design for removal without tools.
  • New integrated gasket design provides a better seal and makes disposable paper gaskets obsolete.
  • The new streamlined head design makes cylinder removal and cleaning a breeze.

The TapeTech Advantages

  • Tube releases for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Designed to increase suction
  • Anodized tube extends durability
  • Quick release handle pin aids in cleaning and transport

Requires Box Filler and/or Gooseneck for filling tools (sold separately).

EZ10TT 10" EasyClean® Finishing Box with EasyRoll® Wheels

New TapeTech Drywall 10" EasyClean™ Finishing Box with EZ Roll Wheels EZ10TT rigid design allows the flat box to apply just the right amount of drywall joint compound, feathering both edges at the same time. Rigid main extrusion strongly supports side plates for greater strength. Tape Tech EZ10TT box will fit all major TapeTech EZ10TT 10" EasyClean® Finishing Box with EasyRoll® Wheelsbrand flat box handles. TapeTech flat finisher boxes by Ames Taping Tools are one of the most well-known brands in the world. 10" flat box is ideal for applying base coat to drywall flat seams, butt joints or corner beads.

The new EasyRoll™ wheel system allows you to expertly finish all types of outside corner bead up to two times faster than finishing by hand. EasyRoll™ wheels work with all types of outside corner bead including metal, paper-faced, vinyl and bullnose. TapeTech EZ10TT 10" EasyClean® Finishing Box with EasyRoll® WheelsEasyRoll™ wheels provide a shoulder to guide the finishing box along the corner bead without after-market attachments or damage to the axle. The shoulder of the EasyRoll wheels is more than three times wider than after-market products, making it easier to place, and keep, the finishing box on the corner bead. And EasyRoll™ wheels are engineered and designed to be perfectly aligned with the finishing blade, eliminating the need to tilt the finishing box like you must with common after-market wheel systems.TapeTech EZ10TT 10" EasyClean® Finishing Box with EasyRoll® Wheels

TapeTech flat box braking handles control position of drywall flat boxes for proper starting and smooth feathering from drywall surface at seam ends. Easily adjustable dial tension settings are used to get the exact finishing coat desired. Combination of two boxes is commonly used in drywall finishing systems, with 10" and 12" combination for commercial and smoothwall projects and 7" and 10" flat box combination popular for residential and textured projects.

  • 10" Flat finisher box is commonly used for base coats or finish coats on drywall flat seams and butt joints.
  • Coat corner bead with the new EZ Roll wheels
  • Quick release thumb latches for easy flat box inside cleanup.
  • Precise finishing and long term reliability due to rigid shell design
  • Blade carrier dial features easy adjustment for precision, smooth mud output on flat seams and butt joints.
  • Fits all major brand drywall flat box handles.
  • 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

TapeTech 10” EasyClean™ Finishing Box EZ10TT Includes:

  • Extra Stainless Steel Blade 10” (250001)
  • Extra Skid Cover (209006)
  • Extra Skid Cover (20939)

88TTE XTender® Finishing Box Handle

The TapeTech XTender® Finishing Box Handle 88TTE attaches to any of the TapeTech or major brand Finishing Boxes and provides control to cleanly sweep the boxes off the joint for a perfect finish.

TapeTech Xtender Handle is an updated version of the original Concorde Xtender Handle. TapeTech integrated the Brake Anywhere design, and eliminated wear issues related to the pinch brake system.

TapeTech 88TTE XTender® Finishing Box Handle



  • Works with all TapeTech and major brand finishing boxes
  • Extendable from 41"-63"
  • Handle is 1 1/4" in diameter
  • Brake Anywhere Design
  • Completely Redesigned in '06

NS03TT 3" EasyClean® Nail Spotter

TapeTech Taping Tools EasyClean® 3" Nail Spotter

Nail Spotters are faster and more efficient than spotting nails by hand. The TapeTech Taping Tools EasyClean® 3" Nail Spotter features an updated EasyClean® Lid, quick release latch, and gasket system (similar to a flat box). This allows easy access and hassle-free clean up. This Nail Spotter gives you the flexibility for any size job, and is an ideal single spotter system. The traditional style skid plate is both a pivot point and a screw detector, which helps prevent blade damage. The spotter body is made of high quality stainless steel that will not rust or deteriorate.TapeTech NS03TT 3" EasyClean® Nail Spotter

Each TapeTech Nail Spotter includes the New NSA-TT Nail Spotter Adapter which attaches to both FHTT Interchangeable Fiberglass Handle (not included) and XHTT Interchangeable Extendable Handle (not included), allowing you to spot ceilings without the use of stilts.

TapeTech 3" Spotter Features:

  • EasyClean® Lid and Gasket for Quick Cleanup.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Traditional Style Skid Plate.
  • Easily Attaches to Both FHTT and XHTT Interchangeable Handles.
  • Includes NSA-TT Nail Spotter Adapter.

48XTT 3.5" EasyRoll® Adjustable Corner Finisher

TapeTech 3.5 inch EasyRoll® Angle Head drywall taping tool corner finisher by Ames Taping Toolsreduces drag with easy rolling rubber-tired wheels. Tapetech 3.5 inch EasyRoll angle head is used after bedding tape into drywall angles with corner roller and spreads mud compound evenly on both sides of angle at the same time. Integrated spring adjusters allow quick change of spring tension to suit any drywall finishing job.TapeTech 48XTT 3.5" EasyRoll® Adjustable Corner Finisher

Tape Tech Easy Roll 3.5 inch angle corner finishing tool with wheels glides smoothly in drywall corners due to reduced friction. Use angle head to feather inside 90 degree tape corners after applying with banjo, compound applicator or automatic taper. EasyRoll angle corner finisher can also be used to apply final smooth feathered finish coat of compound, by simply attaching to an angle box (also known as flusher box, hockey box or corner applicator). Convenient spring adjustment levers quickly allow change of tension preference. Firm spring adjustment is often used when final finishing inside drywall angles, and softer setting is popular when applying tape coat

  • 5 inch EasyRoll corner finisher angle head can be used both for applying tape as well as smooth skimming finish compound to inside 90 degree drywall angle corners.
  • Convenient spring tension adjuster levers allow quick setting of preferred blade frame tension.
  • Patented locking clip retainer eliminates unexpected detachment from angle box or angle head handle, avoiding damage.
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