Carbide Handy float 200x100mm


Carbide Handy float 200x100mm



What is Carbide?

Carbide is the name of a sintered metal (tungsten) - an extremely hard metal having approx.
98% of the hardness of an industrial diamond.
The abrasive consists of grains of carbide of a particular size depending on the purpose which are welded onto a steel base.

These small metallic grains are the abrasive medium, making carbide extremely durable compared to sandpaper.

Carbide sanding and grinding tools lasts up to 150 times longer

Carbide coating’s sharpness and other unique properties prevent material from building up on the sanding and grinding tools.
The tools can be used for industrial purposes, as well as for fine finishing jobs.

If material build-up does occur, it is easily removed using a metal brush or a cleaning solvent.

Carbide/tungsten coated sanding tools are extremely long-lasting, and can be used for sanding and the surface treatment of a wide range of materials.
Carbide's long life and effective sanding qualities saves time and improve results.
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