Plaster Mixing Paddle 120mm M14 Negative

Plaster Mixing Paddle 120mm M14 Negative


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Plaster Mixing Paddle Negative

M14 Thread

Diameter 120mm

Length 610mm

These are for use with all standard Paddle mixers such as Collomix, Eibenstock, Megamixer, Belle, Mastermix, Rebir or Berg with M14 fitting.

The 3 blade is designed for mixing universal and liquid materials with reduced splashing. It incorporates a ring which protects both the paddle and the mixing container.

For use with:

  • plaster,
  • wall paint,
  • varnish,
  • glaze,
  • joint sealing compounds,
  • lime,
  • filler and
  • floor screeds.

Colours may vary.

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