Reveal Square

The Ramboo Reveal Squares are one of the most important tools in the plastering trade for those professionals who maintain a real high standard of work.

Available in two sizes, standard 160mm x 225mm and 200mm x 400mm, the Ramboo Reveal Square can be locked and adjusted to any depth or width.
When locked and set at window or door reveal, you can set your bead edge, leaving all windows and doors margining the same the whole way around.
Reveal Square can be locked and used to scrape material, ensuring as good a finish as can possibly be achieved.

  • No more complaints from Joiners having to scribe window sills
  • No more patching around sillboards after Joiner has smashed them to get the board on
  • No reason for anyone to complain about uneven reveals

When a Joiner finishes skirting board and sills and everything fits 100% making his life handy, which is rare, it is more than likely the next time someone asks him for a real good plasterer to do the work that Plasterer will be YOU!
High Standard of Work = Top Class Prices