Sur-Pro Double Sided Stilts

The Sur-Stilt currently represents the best plastering and drywall stilts in the market. With the inclusion of the Sur-Mag Magnesium stilts and the S2 Double Sided Sur-Stilts, SurPro have continued to innovate to meet the needs of professionals worldwide and provide a high standard of quality.

Quick Overview

Sur Stilt boast the only dual-leg stilt on the market - Why Choose The Dual-Leg Design over Standard Design?

1. Double side-pole design improves stilt balance, especially on taller, larger or heavier users.
2. Wrap around leg band is the most comfortable on the market, and most supportive.
3. Dual leg design does not interfere with your walking - it helps!
4. Relieves strain on the knees and back compared to other single sided stilt models.
5. Unique design enables a secure vertical adjustment that does not have to push on the calf to feel secure.
6. Repair is easy with our convenient repair kits and replacement parts.
7. Because safety, comfort and performance matters more than a flashy look.
8. No other stilt design feels as safe at over 40" in the air
9. Patented design - only Dual Leg support stilt on the market
10. Because your legs will feel better