Plastermate 1 Metre


  • £209.00

    £174.17 (ex. VAT)

Plastermate 1m jig complete with 30mm sand & cement cutting tool

How it works:

Ashlar Cuts

Using Monocouche Render

Traditionally ashlar cuts in monocouche render were formed by applying 23mm of render to the wall, then using a 2×1 lath fixed along the chalk line, an ashlar cutter tool was drawn along to create a 5mm cut…

…No More

Using the Plastermate alongside the newly created ashlar tool, a perfect 5mm x 20mm ashlar is achieved every time without the need for laths.

Plastermate Ashlar Cutting Tool available separately from Ramboo Tools here:

Using sand & cement

Traditionally ashlar cuts in sand and cement we’re created using 2″ x 1″ splayed laths…

…No More

Plastermate comes with a specially designed trowel allowing ashlar cuts to be created quickly and easily.

Once the second coat of plaster is applied simply straighten, flat and mark a chalk line. Offer up the tool, and with the specially designed tool, create the Ashlar.

Can you afford not to have it?

With Plastermate you don’t need to:

>> Use Machine Laths

>> Erect laths

>> Fill in between laths

>> Get laths to sit level on scratch or external corners

>> Strip laths after application

>> Clean laths after application

>> Fill in between quoins

>> Worry about breaking edges or corners

Plastermate Saves You Money!

>> Plastermate is a brand-new tool

>> Developed by plasters for plasters

>> Designed to save professional plasterers time and money

>> Save at least 50% of your time and 75% of your costs

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