24" Black Coco Platform Broom

24" Black Coco Platform Broom

Hill Brush

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Article No. H12/5

Description - 610mm medium platform broom, wood back, filled black Bassine/black Coco mixture. This brush is good for finer materials in dry conditions. The Bassine gives the soft Coco more resilience and durability. Mixtures like this, with varying filament diameters tend to sweep more effectively, too. Recommended handle, A60/2TAP. Consider using SNB1 socket if the broom is likely to be used regularly.


Retention Method: Standard

Length: 615mm

Fill Material: Bassine, Dyed Coco

Packaging Composition: Cardboard Box

Stiffness: Medium

Width: 74mm

Trim Length: 89mm

Country of Origin: GBR

Material: Wood

Height: 109mm

Pack Size: 6

Weight: 1.257 kg


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