Carbide Lion Foot Sanding Block


  • £9.99

    £8.33 (ex. VAT)


Article No. 5301.100.001.000


  • Carbide Lion Foot Sanding Block only does not include sanding blade
  • 100x60mm in size. 
  • True Grit Performance with Carbide
  • Carbide tools give a powerful "TRUE GRIT" performance - on both wet and dry materials.
  • Carbide is the strongest and most effective abrasive tool on the market today.
  • Our highly versatile grinding products are coated with the extremely hard metal CARBIDE, which grinds better and longer than traditionel abrasives.
  • Carbide grinding and sanding tools lasts up to 150 times longer
  • Carbide grinding and sanding tools are extremely durable and can be used for a variety of surface treatments on materials of all kinds.Wood, paint,varnish, concrete, bricks, plaster, marble and much more.
  • Our full range of products makes it easy to find the appropriate tool for every sanding and grinding application.

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