Chip LED Light with infrared motion detector 1300 Im 65W 230V

Chip LED Light with infrared motion detector 1300 Im 65W 230V


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Description - Chip LED Light L CN 120 PIR  P 44
For outdoor use.
20 W high power Chip LED Light for wall installation, with extra-wide light diffusion to illuminate a large area.
Chip LED Light L CN 120 PIR IP44 with PIR sensor 20W 1300 lm Energy efficiency class A+

  • Ideal for hobbyists, workshops and construction sites.
  • Automatically illuminates house entrances, garages, courtyards, halls, etc.
  • Range of detection: up to 12 metres, angle approx. 180°.
  • Duty cycle adjustable between 10 sec. and 4 min.
  • With twilight and sensivity switch.
  • Low heat generation, no danger of injury.
  • Chip LEDs have an extremely long lifespan, are shock-proof, maintenance-free.
  • Die-cast aluminium casing.
  • With safety glass.
  • In colourful display-packaging.
  • This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps.
  • Light unit not replaceable.



Type of Lamp: Floodlight


Area of Application: Stationary


Luminous flux (Im): 1300 Im

Degree of protection (IP): IP44

Power Supply: Mains operation

Height: 22.30 cm

Material: Metal

Length: 18.00 cm

Suitable for outdoors: Yes

Weight: 1.160 kg

Power Consumption: 20W

Width: 11.00 cm

Energy efficiency class: A+



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