Plastering Straight Featheredge Bevelled 6 1/2ft 200cm


  • £25.00

    £20.83 (ex. VAT)

Plasterers Skim Plastering Plaster Straight Featheredge Rule Bevelled 6 1/2ft 200cm

Highly flexible plastering featheredge spatula developed for 'flattening back' and 'ruling off'.
Designed for both Traditional and Machine applied applications leaving an improved flatter finish in a fraction of the time.
Faster 'flattening' and 'ruling off'.
Improved finish and levelling qualities.
Use on all plasters and renders.
Accelerates overall process.
Reduces Repetitive Strain Injury.
For Use On: Multi-finish, backing plasters - hardwall, bonding and many others, one coat plaster systems, spray plaster systems - British Gypsum, Knauf and Lafarge, traditional Sand & Cement and Lime Renders, Machine coat render systems - CPI Euromix , Weber, K-Rend, Enduit, traditional and Machine applied Latex self-levelling screeds.

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