Plastering Straight Featheredge Bevelled 8ft 250cm


  • £28.99

    £24.16 (ex. VAT)

Plasterers Skim Plastering Plaster Straight Featheredge Rule Bevelled 8ft 250cm

Highly flexible plastering featheredge spatula developed for 'flattening back' and 'ruling off'.
Designed for both Traditional and Machine applied applications leaving an improved flatter finish in a fraction of the time.
Faster 'flattening' and 'ruling off'.
Improved finish and levelling qualities.
Use on all plasters and renders.
Accelerates overall process.
Reduces Repetitive Strain Injury.
For Use On: Multi-finish, backing plasters - hardwall, bonding and many others, one coat plaster systems, spray plaster systems - British Gypsum, Knauf and Lafarge, traditional Sand & Cement and Lime Renders, Machine coat render systems - CPI Euromix , Weber, K-Rend, Enduit, traditional and Machine applied Latex self-levelling screeds.

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