OX Speedskim Semi Flexible Plastering Rule - 600mm

OX Speedskim Semi Flexible Plastering Rule - 600mm


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    £41.66 (ex. VAT)

Speedskim ST 600mm (NEW GENERATION 2016 DESIGN – includes Blade Guards & Double button End Caps)

The Speedskim ST 600mm - Incredibly popular size – great for technical work and smaller areas (all applications) including hallways, staircases and bathrooms. Lightweight (0.5kg) and easy to handle the ST 600mm is perfect for both walls and ceilings.

Complements the large sizes perfectly keeping all your timings the same – Very effective on small and also medium size areas.


Recent design modification to the ST blue blade tip means as well as flattening and ruling off, you can now finish the work too! Integral ribs toward the edge of the ST blade assist by gripping the material during the flattening and ruling off process, leaving the work incredibly flat. Once the material begins to stiffen the new design 4mm smooth edge comes into play, now allowing you to finish the work. This exciting modification means the Speedskim ST blue range is now even more versatile, not only increasing earning potential, but further reducing harmful RSI associated with continuous trowel use!

The new ST blue range now comes complete with integral blade gasket feature. This new gasket feature now engineered into the Speedskim ST blue blade reduces silt ingress into the handle blade slot, meaning lower user maintenance, smoother blade change, and overall better performance – particularly in ranging temperatures.


  • Skim Coat Plasters (including Multi-Finish, Board Finish and MP Finish)
  • Taping & Jointing, Backing Plasters
  • One Coat Plasters
  • Spray Plasters
  • Sand & Cement
  • Lime Renders
  • Monocouche systems (K Rend/Pro Rend)

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