Stabila Strong Scaffolders /Boat level 81S and Holster


  • £22.00

    £18.33 (ex. VAT)

  • The STABILA Type 81S is a strong lightweight spirit level featuring a cast aluminium alloy profile in an especially slim form.
  • Extremely sturdy with electrostatic powder coating for scratch resistance and easy cleaning.
  • The special shape of the profile makes it ideal for many craftsman, and the 25cm/10" length is a particular favourite of scaffolders and steel erectors.
  • This spirit level can be used in the overhead position by turning the level upside down. In this 'transfer position' you can then precisely measure from underneath.
  • Features one horizontal and one vertical vial, vials accurate to 0.5mm per metre (0.029° = 0.5mm/m) in normal working position and 0.75mm per metre (0.043° = 0.75 mm/m) in overhead position, and a milled measuring surface.
  • Vials are guaranteed to remain accurate for 10 years.